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Types of Bridges

-Arch Bridges
-Cable-Stayed Bridges
-Suspension Bridges
-Draw Span Bridges
-Segmental Bridges
-Truss Bridges
-Beam Bridges


Building Bridge Models

-Balsa Wood Bridge  
-Toothpick Bridge 
-Model Bridge Software



soon to come


Advanced Math

-Trigonometry Help 

Trigonometry is a fascinating tool, initially conceived from chords in a Unit-Circle it has wide applications and whenever space is involved Trigonometry is used irrespective of the area of interest.

Math Help Center
-Tools of the trade


Bridge Engineers

-Othmar H. Ammann
-Eugene C. Figg
-Eugene Freyssinet
-Frtiz Leonhardt
-Jean Muller
-Leon Moisseiff
-John Roeblings
-Man-Chung tang
-Michel Virlogeux


Lesson Plans

-Discovery Channel Lesson Plans


Software Center

These are some great programs that let you build a bridge.  Good for secondary and college students. In the future we will be adding programs for designers also. Contact us for more info on shareware programs available.


Bridge Design, Research and Products Home


     Featured Product by:

Click on the link to see a video a how this product works. 
There is also a photo gallery that shows the details of toothpick truss construction.

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Are you in search of learning more about Bridges?  This page will help by offering information about the types of bridges, building models of bridges, as well as those who design these great structures.

Build A Bridge

How would you span a freeway? A canyon? A river? Or an ocean waterway? Learn about the four major types of bridges and then test your knowledge by matching the right bridge to the right location in a great game under Build a Bridge.  This is also a great site for Teachers to teach many different subjects other than bridges in conjunction with  Nova.

Building Big

Building Big

This is an excellent resource on building bridges, tunnels, skyscrapers, domes and dames.  This site includes a great presentation on the forces, loads and materials that affect bridges. 


America's Top 10 Bridges (America's Top...

Building Toothpick Bridges (Math Project...

Bridges : Amazing Structures to Design,...

The Art of Construction : Projects and...

The Brooklyn Bridge : A Wonders of the...


Need Help

Below are links that will explain how bridges work,
and the basics for bridge design.

How Bridges Work
Bridge Basics
Bridge (
Bridge Design (by Ga. DOT)
Newton's Apple - Bridges


How Many Bridges Are There?

2000 Bridge Inventory - State by State



Need More Help

We are here to help you find information on how bridges are built, designed or information on a specific bridge project.  This is a free service just send an email to the learning center and we will help you find the information you need!.  

Another idea is to harness the power of the web and post a message or ask a question on the Bridge Forum.

Bridge Projects
Just a few samples

Golden Gate Bridge- 
San Francisco, CAL

Brooklyn Bridge - 
Brooklyn, NY 

Dames Point Bridge -
 Jacksonville, FL

Sydney Harbour Bridge -
 Sydney, Australia

See a complete photo record of this bridge during construction!  

Sydney Lanier Bridge -
 Brunswick, Georgia