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"I had to build a bridge out of toothpicks once and this book helped me more than anything. If you need help at all you should get the book. It is fabulous."

Photo provided by: Emil Ranwald,  Sweden



MODEL BRIDGE: Improve your bridge design skills with Model Bridge. Design, build and test a pin truss bridge electronically before you bring out the popsicle sticks and glue.



Feb 22nd, 2009


Toothpick bridge builders test their spans

SARASOTA - Madisyn Opstal, 7, was amazed when she figured out her bridge constructed from toothpicks and wood glue held more than she weighed.
The elaborate wooden bridge supported a force of 88 pounds..........Click on Title for more info.



The information below has been gather to assist you designing and building your toothpick model bridge.  We encourage you to let us know how your projects are proceeding.  We would love to publish pictures of your model bridge during and after completion.  Please email us We would love to see some winning designs here!  

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The TwigJig® is a clever kit used to build complex designs from toothpicks structures simply
 and easily. The TwigJig® device or “jig” is used to position toothpicks precisely in place
 for creating trusses and cut hours of otherwise tedious and difficult projects.  After using this
 product to build several trusses we strongly recommend using this product when build your next
 toothpick structure.  The TwigJig® starter kit provides everything you need to start building trusses,
 even the toothpicks!  Click on the link to see a video a how this product works. 
There is also a photo gallery that shows the details of toothpick construction.



Photos of toothpick bridges

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