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Bridge focus is on cables - Hidden work is now showing up 9-2-02

September 18, 1999 News Story


The Sidney Lanier Bridge is a cable-stayed cast in place place project in the port city of Brunswick, Georgia.  The main span of the Sidney Lanier Bridge is now under construction by Recchi-GLF, a joint venture. They are building this part of the bridge for $65,475,130. It was designed by DRC Consultants in New York City (later merged with T.Y. Lin of San Francisco). The main span contract includes part of the approach spans.
     The towers are 486 feet tall from the top of the footing to the top of the tower. The uprights are joined in two places by crossties, one below the cables and the other below the roadway. The tower is hollow and an elevator will be installed to go up to the upper crosstie. Ladders will take inspectors above the crosstie for access to the anchorages for the cable stays. Ladders will also extend from the roadway down to the bottom of the towers.
     The deck is continuous from one anchor pier to the other. The anchor pier holds the deck in place. The anchor pier must be strong enough to support the deck, but also flexible enough to accommodate the large deflections that arise as the length of the deck changes due to temperature shifts.  The deck is supported by the cables but must be strong enough to carry traffic loads across the width of the bridge to the cables. It must also carry the enormous compression force that results from the angle of the cable stays
     The form travelers, originally fabricated in Europe, were assembled on the island below, one on the south side and one on the north side (shown here). When they begin operations each traveler will move out from the tower one segment at a time.The primary purpose of the form traveler is to hold the wet concrete until it hardens into the proper shape. The form must then be stripped from the hardened concrete. To achieve this all of the surfaces of the form are able to move.


The bridge is near completion.  It should be opened by the end of 2002.  To learn lots about this bridge click below for any subject about the bridge (GDOT)