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Expert witness says bridge collapse due to lack of...  
Christi and presided over by retired U.S. Coast Guard investigator and legal officer James A. Wilson, will attempt to determine the cause...
Corpus Christi Caller-Times   Oct 12 2001 22:40:00 GMT

Tugboat captain wont testify at bridge collapse...  
CORPUS CHRISTI (AP) - The captain of a tugboat declined Tuesday to
Amarillo Globe-Times   Oct 10 2001 16:42:00 GMT

Hearing over bridge accident starts today  
ly calls a hearing for serious accidents resulting in death, he said
Corpus Christi Caller-Times   Oct 09 2001 13:57:00 GMT

Bridge collapse raises safety issues  
Bridge collapse raises safety issuesCoast Guard had warned tug company of problems in 199810/08/2001Associated Press HARLINGEN, Texas Th...
Dallas Morning News   Oct 08 2001 16:23:00 GMT

Company in South Texas bridge collapse tied to 60...  
Company in South Texas br 100 yards. Also, Cameron County District Attorney Yolanda de Leon said her office will review the criminal inve...
Reporter News   Oct 08 2001 16:22:00 GMT

Repair of fallen bridge starts  
By KELLEY SHANNON The Associated Press AUSTIN - The rebuilding of a collapsed portion of the Queen Isabella Causeway is beginning and coo...
Star-Telegram.com   Sep 27 2001 09:34:00 GMT

Last victim of South Padre bridge collapse...  
rimary goal of retrieving victims has been achieved, said DPS spokesman Adrian Rivera. Our personnel are relieved that these vehicles ha...
Dallas Morning News   Sep 26 2001 08:28:00 GMT

Divers find last auto in bridge disaster  
PORT ISABEL (AP) - A Navy dive team equipped with sophisticated equipment joined the search for three people still missing since Saturday...
Amarillo Globe-Times   Sep 22 2001 09:05:00 GMT

Perry issues disaster declaration for bridge...  
Dallas Morning News   Sep 21 2001 21:06:00 GMT

Texas islands economy collapses with bridge  
Modesto Bee   Sep 21 2001 12:13:00 GMT

Unidentified body found in bridge debris  
od by a previous estimate that it would take at least four months to repair the causeway, Saenz said the cost estimate may triple to abou...
Houston Chronicle   Sep 19 2001 19:43:00 GMT

5 confirmed dead in bridge collapse
The death count from Saturdays collapse of a portion of the Queen Isabella Causeway rose to five on Monday, with as many as four people s...
MSNBC   Sep 18 2001 18:33:00 GMT

Restaurant manager feels ‘born again’ after surviving plunge off causeway...
Brownsville Herald   Tue Sep 18 08:21:41 EDT 2001

Five dead, several missing as barges topple segments of Texas bridge From cleveland.com

Four killed in collapse of Padre Island bridge PORT ISABEL - A group of barges smashed into a pillar of the only bridge leading to popular South Padre Island early Saturday, toppling three 80-foot sections of the bridge and killing at least four people whose vehicles plunged into the water 85 feet below.
From amarillionet.com
Bridge collapse effect on tourism unclear
PORT ISABEL (AP) - Only 48 hours after a call to discuss building a second causeway to South Padre Island, the worst-case scenario happens. From amarillionet.com

Search Restarts for Bridge Collapse Victims
PORT ISABEL, Tex., Sept. 17 (AP) Recovery crews resumed searching the water today for the bodies of people who may have been trapped in t...
New York Times   Sep 18 2001 02:30:27 GMT



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Eight people confirmed dead, thirteen people rescued from the water.

Four loaded barges  crashed into the Queen Isabella Causeway (Texas' longest bridge) taking out a 240 foot section of the bridge. The Brown Water V tug and its barges crashed into one of the columns toppling two 80 foot sections of the bridge. The third 80 foot section collapsed later.

Five people have been confirmed dead. Four at the time of the accident and one later that died in the hospital. Two bodies were recovered from two vehicles that were pulled from the water by crane and hoisted onto a barge. Among those killed was Port Isabel Fire Marshal Robert Harris, said Desi Najera, emergency management coordinator.

Five vehicles were located in the 50-foot-deep water and divers took pictures of their license plates for identification, said Cameron County Sheriff Conrado Cantu. There could be as many as five more vehicles.

Thirteen people have been rescued from the water.

The barges were owned by American Commercial Lines LLC of Jeffersonville, Ind., and were being pushed by a tugboat owned by Brown Water Marine Services Inc. of Rockport

The bridge will be out a couple weeks while engineers decided what to do. One short-term option, which would take about five days to implement, would be to install a portable bridge to span the 160-foot gap, Randy Dillard of TDOT  said. Dillard said permanent repairs could take a month and cost $1 million.

In the meantime the State has hired ferry's to get traffic back and forth to the island.

Just two days before the accident meetings were held to discuss a second causway that will be built to the island. Ten million dollars has already been earmarked for the job.

Stephen Mosher, president of Brown Water Towing I, Inc., said in a statement that the barge struck an unmarked sand bar within the channel that caused it to veer off course. He said navigation lights on the causeway were not working.

State troopers and the Texas Parks and Wildlife are joining the Coast Guard in reviewing the circumstances of the collision. Authorities say the barge went off course by about 100 yards about 2:30 a.m. Saturday. Also, Cameron County District Attorney Yolanda de Leon said her office will review the criminal investigation of last weekend's causeway collapse.

A preliminary investigation found the channel was adequately maintained at least 14 feet deep. It also found the operator, a relief captain, was not alcohol-impaired and had not been working an especially long shift, said Coast Guard spokesman Alan Grodecki.